Comparing Two Objects Worksheets

How to Compare Groups - Students in kindergarten are expected to compare groups often using the activities and objects. These activities help them in understand or comparing which group is greater than, less than or equal to the other. In most cases, it is the number of objects in a particular group. There are three main strategies for comparing groups. The first strategy is using the matching method. In this method for instance if the student has number 5 or number 7 then they can just line up the objects next to each other and making their group. The group that expires the first will be the smallest. Eventually they will figure out that 7 objects are greater than 5. The second strategy is called the equal share strategy in which you take one object out of the two groups one-by-one to see which one empties first. The first one that get emptied is the one that is less than the other. The last strategy requires using mental images i.e. students need to memorize which number are greater in the counting series in order to determine whether the two provided numbers are greater than, less than or equal to the other.

Those Silly Math Professors

A math professor and his wife were traveling and his wife had him watch the bags while she hailed a cab. Upon her return, he said, "I thought you said we had 10 bags." She said yes and then sighed when he tried to show her there were nine. "Zero, one, two.."