Compare Numbers 1 to 1000 Worksheets

How to Compare Place Values - When the branch of science, mathematics was discovered, it was difficult to identify the positions of digits in a number. That is when mathematicians came up with place values. It refers to the positions or placement of digits in a number no matter how big or long the number is. It made all sense for the digits to have a place value in order to solve them. It can be defined as the value represented by a digit in a number that is solely based on its position in the number. For example, in a number, 27, here are only positions. It is important to remember that place values are identified starting from the right-hand-side. In this number 7 is at one’s position, while 2 is at tens position. Place value helps in identifying and comparing numbers the positions of digits in numbers through millions and billions of numbers. A place value chart can help you with finding the place value of different numbers.

Quick Card Trick

Split a deck of cards between 2 players. Each child takes a card, places it on her forehead facing out. A dealer then calls out the sum of the cards & the students must name their own cards by subtracting the number they can see from the sum. Face cards = 10.