Grouping Numbers Worksheets

How to Quickly Count Rows and Columns Math is a difficult subject, for sure. But it also has some of the most interesting learning techniques, and you use them every day in your lives. One of the most interesting and fun things that math has invented is counting. Just imagine, you emptying your money boxes and being able to find out the amount of money you have, the technique you use for knowing the amount is known as counting, and that is all thanks to math! See, it's not bad as you think it is! So what do you do when you need to count rows and columns? But before getting there, do you know what rows and columns are? Let's take a look! Rows are an arrangement, where things are placed in a straight line, and it goes from left to right, while columns are an arrangement of objects from top to bottom. When you need to count rows and columns, the easiest method is to count the first row and the first column, then multiple the rows with the columns and you will have your answer in a jiffy!

Who Needs Juice?

Sue needs to make OJ for the class & she doesn't want it too strong. How does she decide how many cans to buy? Set up ratios of concentrate to water, compare the results and choose the one that provides the most OJ flavor without over-diluting.