Identify The Larger Number Worksheets

How to Identify the Larger Number in A Set - When we were little, we had a very simple definition of the various terms. We thought that if someone is tall to look at, the person was tall if someone looked fat, we assumed that they would be heavy, if we saw a bird, we thought that it is light. Similarly, we thought that the elephant is big, and the ant is small. All of this is totally true! But as we grew older, we realized that these definitions could not be applied in every platform. Just like that, in math, there are different definitions for the terms that we previously knew. But the bigger and smaller remain the same! When we are studying sets, we are given various numbers, and it gets difficult to identify which number comes after which, which number is bigger, and which is smaller. Therefore, you always need to arrange the numbers so that you can identify the larger number from the lot. The first step that you need to do is taking a look at the numbers and finding if they have any signs. Remember that if the number has no sign, it means that it is a positive number, and they are always bigger. If you have a negative sign, it means that the number is smaller in quantity. Now take a look at the values one by one, and the number with the largest quantity is the larger number from the lot!

Where We Use This Skill

Unconsciously, we are using this skill almost constantly when trying to make decisions. In some cases, we want a larger value such as which bank account will help us make more money. On the flip side if we are borrowing money, we look for the smaller value to reduce the amount we owe.