Drawing Ordered Pairs Worksheets

How to Draw Ordered Pairs - A coordinate system is comprised of two-dimensional number lines, a horizontal one, and a vertical one. The horizontal axis is known as the x-axis, and the vertical one is known as the y-axis. An origin (0,0) is present at the center of the coordinate system, with both the axes intersecting at this point. An ordered pair has the coordinates of one point of the coordinate system. This point is named by the values present in the coordinate system and is presented as (x,y). The first value corresponds to the point present at the x-axis, and the second value corresponds to the value present at y. To draw a graph of the point, you draw a dot at the given coordinates corresponding to the ordered pair. It is best if you start at the origin. The x-coordinate tells you how many points to move to the right (positive) or left (negative) on the x-axis. And the y-coordinate tells you how many points to step down (negative) or up (positive) on the y-axis. For example, an ordered pair (3,4) is present when you move three points to the right on the x-axis and 4 points up on the y-axis. An ordered pair (-1, 2) is found when you move 1 point on the left on the x-axis and 2 points up on the y-axis.

What Are Coordinates?

Coordinates are numbers that describe the location of points in a plane or in space. For example, the height above sea level is a coordinate that is useful for describing points near the surface of the earth.