Placing Items on Coordinate Grids Worksheets

How to Place Items on Coordinate Grids - Coordinate grid has two perpendicular number lines placed on top of each other. The point the two lines meet at is the origin. The horizontal number line is what we term as x-axis and the vertical number line is the y-axis. We use the numbers on this axis to locate points. We know how to mark coordinate points on this grid but how do we place items on coordinate grid? Consider the following triangle; To place this triangle on coordinate grid, follow these simple steps; Step 1: Select an Origin - The first step when placing an object in a coordinate grid is to assign any of the vertex the coordinates (0,0). Here, the most convenient option is the C vertex. Why? Well, the C vertex is the point where the line BC and AC meet at 90˚ so we can easily locate the points B and A on the grid. Step 2: Set a Scale - In the figure given, there are no units. But, if you are dealing with dimensions in units, you will have to assign a scale. I am going to use a scale of 1box=2 units. Step 3: Find the Other Vertices - Using the scale, you have to determine the dimensions of the triangle that you will use to represent the original ones. AB=6.5 units, BC=2.5 units, AC=6 units. Step 4: Plot the Vertices - Now plot the vertices that you have found. As we have chosen C as the origin, we can see that to plot vertex A we do not have to travel on the y-axis. We just have to travel 6 units on the right hand side of the origin on x-axis. To plot point B, we know that we only have to travel on the y-axis. You just have travel 2.5 units above the origin.

How to Draw Shapes on a Coordinate Grid

A coordinate grid or a Cartesian coordinate system is one of the simplest and most common methods for drawing shapes. The system is taught in early stages of academics and one of the reasons why it is simplest is because it only involves two axes (x and y). Based on the positive and negative values of these axis, the coordinate system is used, and the shape is drawn on the grid. The coordinate grid is used for making 2D shapes such as square, triangles, circles, etc. It is used because there is less chance of failure in making these shapes because the shape is always connected from one point to the other and the length is measured using the grid so it remains within the bounds. When you start drawing shapes on a coordinate system make sure each corner of your shape is located at a nice point on the coordinate grid and if possible, all the lines should be on vertical and horizontal grid. For example, when drawing shapes on a coordinate grid, you need to be able to make the most of the coordinate system i.e. making any shape on the coordinate grid is exactly like making a line. You just connect all the dots that need to be connected together and then the final image will give you a definite shape. For instance, in order to make a rectangle, you need four coordinate points.

Lefties and Righties

Positive or standard orientation also right-handed orientation:

Place right hand on the plane with the thumb pointing up (x axis) the index finger then points to y-axis and middle finger points to z-axis.

A Little Anatomy For You

The concepts of parallel and perpendicular lines compose a coordinate system for locating points in the plane. Points on the axes are associated with numbers. Ordered pairs of numbers indicate points on a graph.