Number Sequence Worksheets

How to Determine What Number Comes Before, Between, and After a Number in a Counting Sequence - Have you seen railway tracks? See how they are methodically placed after one and another, not one overlapping with the other. This placement is known as a sequence. Just like that, in mathematics, there is a whole technique that is known as a number sequence. The idea of number sequences is that there are missing numbers from the line that you need to fill by using your brain! Just like when you used to play hangman! So how do you understand what number comes after which? It is fairly simple! You need to make sure that first, you read the number line carefully, and figure out the pattern that the sequence has used. Once you have understood what pattern is being used, it becomes easier. For example, if you know that the sequence is using the five times table, you can easily fill in the gaps. But if you do not know what number has to come next, take a look at the numbers provided and carefully try to figure out what number comes before. Repeat the number lines in your head. Then look at the question again. Start taking the missing blanks one by one; you will solve easily!

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