Counting From Zero Worksheets

How to Practice Skip Counting - Skip counting is one of the fundamental skills that help children in dealing with real-life mathematical problems. Children utilize this skill to learn times tables, understand the concept of money, and tell time. Skip counting lays the foundation for advanced mathematical concepts. However, most children struggle with learning and mastering this skill. But there are a few ways that can help children understand this concept and master this skill. Here we have enlisted a few approaches which can significantly benefit children. Questioning - Questioning is one of the most overlooked teaching approaches. You can incorporate this approach to let children master skip counting. Rather than instructing children to skip count to 5, you can give target questions to children ask them to count to 50 by skip counting by 12. Manipulatives - Manipulatives are integrated for teaching various mathematical concepts. You can use them to build the concept of counting and help children master skip counting. Select different object and employ them as manipulatives for teaching skip counting. Arrange the objects in different orders and instruct children to skip count every second, fifth or seventh item. This method not only clarifies the concept of skip counting, it also encourages hand-on practice learning.

The Poem

Joey wasn't writing legibly so his teacher had him copy a poem over 10 times to practice. The next day he showed her his work; she looked it over and said, "Joey, you only wrote it seven times." He replied, "I guess my counting isn't so good either."