Shape, Color, and Number Match Worksheets

How to Match Shapes, Colors, and Numbers It may sound like a preschool activity, but once your kid gets a grasp over it, he/she is good to achieve big in mathematics. Matching shapes, colors, and numbers is an activity that every kid likes to do. But sometimes, it is difficult for kids to match the given items in front of them with their respective partners. In this guide, let’s tell you how to help kids with matching shapes, colors, and numbers. A great way to do that is to make sheet and that has different shapes, numbers, and colors scattered all over. Make your kid understand one shape, one number and then help him/her find out the other similar shape and number. Other than working with the sheet thing, you can also use cards to create a simple matching game. Ask you little champions to match the similar cards and match the shape, number, or whatever is drawn on it to match with the first card. Make sure to help the kids through this activity as it’s a great way to develop and increase their cognitive ability.

One Liners

A counting one liner for you:
How do you make the number seven even?