Counting By Numbers Worksheets

How to Count Backwards - Counting is one of the easiest things that you learn in math. Forward counting is pretty easy, but when it comes to counting backward, it gets a little tricky. So what do you do to learn to count backward easily? The easiest method of counting backward is counting through your fingers. It is relatively easier to learn something when things are visualized. Start by opening all ten fingers on your hands. Now start counting loudly from ten, and with every number you say loudly, close a finger. Another method is walking back while you count backward! It's easy and a lot of fun! Start with the number ten, and with every number you say aloud, take a step backward. You can also use objects such as coins. First, start counting forward, and once that is done, you can start counting backward. It will be a lot easier if you count the numbers loudly. These are just a few methods that can help you learn to count backward in a fun and easy way! 172. How to Count in Chunks (By 2s, 5s, and 10s).

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Natural numbers are better for your health.