Missing Numbers Counting Worksheets

How to Spot Missing Numbers in Counting Sequences - There is an order that the numbers follow. When we identify the order or pattern based on which the numbers are increasing or decreasing, we can find out the missing numbers and the next terms. Many students find it difficult to spot missing numbers in counting sequences. Step 1: Identify Whether Numbers are in Ascending or Descending Order - The first step is to identify whether a sequence is in an incremental or decremental pattern. It is the easy and can be identified in the first look. Step 2: Evaluate Two Consecutive Terms - Take any two consecutive terms and apply a trial and error method on those to identify the pattern. You can divide these terms to find the ratio or subtract them to find the difference by which they are increasing. Step 3: Complete the Pattern - Add missing terms of the sequence and find out if the final sequence makes sense.

Why do mathematicians think Halloween and Christmas are the same?

Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec. Halloween occurs on October 31 and Christmas occurs on December 25, thus equating "oct" in October and octal, and "dec" in December and decimal.