Counting Sets Of Numbers Worksheets

How Do You Associate Numbers with a Numbers of Objects? Math is a complicated subject for sure, but there are many things that can make the subject pretty interesting. You can do use many things helping you to learn to count, or there are many things that can help you solve sums quicker than you usually take up the time to solve a question. If you think that counting is a rather tough subject, then there are lots of ways that can help you count quicker. One of the easiest methods is using pictures of various objects. By seeing the number of objects, you can easily pick up which number belongs to which picture. For example, if a picture has a couple of basketballs made, then you can easily count that the picture has two basketballs. You can also use real-life objects; it is relatively easier to count when you have a visual representation of the number that you are trying to count. Place a few flashcards, use anything that you think can be used to count, and then start counting. It is not only easy; it is fun too!

Stamps and One Potato

If there are twelve one-cent stamps in a dozen, then how many 2-cent stamps are there in a dozen? There are 12, one dozen equals 12 no matter what the item being counted is. Always read the problem carefully.
Counting rhymes have been used on playgrounds and in street games to choose players and to choose someone to be "it." Recited while tapping on fists of players:
One potato, two potato, three potato, four Five potato, six potato, seven potato more.