Percentages to Fractions and Decimals Worksheets

How to Convert Percentages to Fractions and Decimals - The percentage is that part of mathematics that is used even at the corporate level. Percentages are an essential form of representing statistical data which is why students must have a clear understanding of this concept. Percentages are generally out of 100, 100 being the highest percentage but sometimes it exceeds 100%. Moreover, percentages can be converted into fractions and decimals as well. To convert a percentage into a decimal, you must first learn to convert percentages into fractions. Therefore, we will first learn to convert a percentage into a fraction. Let's take 40% as an example. How do you convert 40% into a fraction? Well, it is very simple. You remove the "%" sign. To remove the percent sign, you simple have to replace it with 1/100. So, 40% can also be written as 40/100. You need to further simplify the fraction and you will get the percentage as a fraction. 40/100=4/10=2/5 As you have converted the percentage into a fraction, it is time that you convert the fraction into a decimal. In order to do that, you have to divide the 2 by 5 and you will get 0.4 as the result. See, converting a percentage into a fraction and in decimal is so simple!

Some "side-splitting" fraction humor:

What is one-fifth of a foot?

A toe!