Decimal Addition Worksheets

How to Add Decimal Values - There are several different types of numbers that you come across when learning mathematical number concepts. Rational and irrational numbers, whole numbers, real number, integers, and decimal numbers. Decimal numbers are the ones that have a decimal point within a number. So, what to do if you have two or more decimal values and you are required to sum them up? Well, it is very simple. You follow the same steps as that when you do when adding non-decimal values. Consider the following example. Add 2.3224 and 34.2334: To add these numbers, you identify the place values and place each digit under the right place to accurately add these numbers. You can write this as a vertical sum;
+ 02.3224
Here, the number of digits after the decimal are same. Therefore, you place the decimal after the same number of digits in the answer. If there was a case where the digits after the decimal point were not equal, you would have used the number with more digits after the decimal point for the decimal placement in the answer.

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