Quadruple Digit Division Worksheets

How to Divide Double- and Triple-Digit Numbers into Four Digit Values - Dividing by two- and three-digit numbers are lengthy processes and take practice to master. Not most of us memorize he 33- or 47-times tables, therefore we have to adapt a handy track and an easier approach to solve the division problems. You may start slow at first, but with time it gets easier with continual practice. 1. Like in any other form of division, you will also need to look at the first digits of the larger number. Write the problem down like any other long divisor problem and start looking at the smaller number. Then figure out whether the smaller number would fit into the first digit of the larger number or not. 2. Since you cannot fit the two-digits number into a one-digit number, you will have to look at the first two digits of the dividend. Just like in regular division problems, move to the three digits if you still have an impossible division problem. 3. Calculate the number of times the first numbers would fit into the other. And in case you need to verify your answer, then check your answer with multiplication. Continue the division till the last number and find out the reminder if you get any. In case you get a zero at the end of the division, then you do not need to write the reminder.

Here's a joke to make your teacher groan:

Why should you wear glasses to math class?
Because wearing glasses helps to improve di-vision!