Division Word Problem Worksheets

How to Spot Division in Word Problems - When solving word problems there are specific terms that indicate the arithmetic operation that we have to apply. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, each operation is associated with different keywords that represent the operation. Division is equally portioning an object or quantity and is represented by ÷ and /. Whenever we are dealing with division word problems, we will come across specific terms and phrases. These include; Quotient of ____ and ____ | Divide ____ by ____ | ___ divided by ___ | Divided equally | Per. When you spot any of these phrases or terms in a word problem know that it is a division word problem.

That's Odd!

Here's something that seems odd - a number that can't be divided evenly by the number two. Of course, we know that numbers are considered to be odd or even, even numbers are those that are divisible evenly by two.

What Goes Where?

To help remember which number goes inside the long division sign, the dividend, you can say the "top-in's" and "left-overs" go inside the refrigerator. Those are the top number of the fraction and the number to the left of the division sign in an equation.