Long Division Review Worksheets

What is Long Division? Every division sum has two values. It has a dividend and a divisor. Dividend is the number that has to be divided into equal portions and the divisor is the number of portions in which the amount has to be divided. Long division is a mathematical way to divide large numbers into parts and it is a simpler way to perform the division operation. It breaks the division problem into a sequence of simple steps that make division easy. Example: Divide 425 by 5 Here 425 is the dividend and 5 is the divisor. You take one digit of the dividend in every step. When you start dividing, you know that 4 is not a multiple of 5. So the first digit on the quotient will be zero. Step 1: 5 × 0=0, with 4 as its remainder and you place zero below 4 Step 2: Subtracting 0 from 4, you get 4. Now you place 2 beside 4 as it is the second step and you have to take one digit of the dividend in every step. We know that 5 × 8 = 40 and that 42 is not a multiple of 5. You place 8 beside 0 at the position of quotient and place 40 below 42. Step 3: Subtracting 40 from 42, you get 2 as the remainder. As it is the third step, you now place 5 beside 2. We know that 5 × 5 = 25. You must now place 5 beside 8 at the position of quotient with zero as the remainder. The final answer is 85.

Getting Paid!

Some professions pay better than others: If a plumber charged $9,626.09 an hour for a job on the Fourth of July and the task took him 23 seconds to complete, what was the total bill? Divide the hourly rate by seconds, multiply by 23 and get $61.50.