Mixed Division Review Worksheets

How to Improve your Division Skills? When it comes to improving your skills for mathematical operations, nothing is better than practicing. Many kids don’t like doing long division. Among many other reasons for not liking it, one is the traditional old method and hassle of writing it down on a piece of paper. But you can improve your division skills where you don’t need a paper and pencil around, that too, with fewer efforts. Here are a few tips to improve your skills: If you want to speed up your skills or get better at the division, use the approximation technique for your answers. You’ll encounter many division problems that will require you to stop and think for a while. Sometimes you need an exact answer, and other times you don’t. Therefore, use approximation, and with the time, you’ll get better. Before starting division, simplify the fractions/numbers. Do mental multiplication before you actually start with the division. For the division of small numbers, use mental skills to divide the number in your head first, then verify it by doing it on a piece of paper. When any number is divided by 10, 100, 1000, or 10, 000 remember that you don’t need to follow the entire division process for such figures. You can simply move the decimal of the numerator to the right-hand side as many times as the zeros in the denominator. Lastly, everything can be achieved if you keep practicing.

Is it Divisible By 9?

To determine whether a number is divisible by 9, add the digits of the number and if you get a multiple of 9, you can divide it evenly by 9. And if you keep adding the digits of the number you will eventually reach a sum of 9.