Division Sharing with Visuals Worksheets

How Does Sharing Relate to Division? If you want to understand the concept of division, you can start by understanding sharing. It is the most common way to get grasp of the concept of the fourth arithmetic operation. Sharing is to give a portion of something to others. Consider a scenario where you have to share $15 with your two other siblings equally. How will you do it? You will keep $5 with yourself, and give $5 to each of the two siblings, right? How did you do it? You divided the amount in three. Well, this is what division means. You have to equally share the given amount in the required number of portions. When you mathematically divide 15 by 3, you will get 5, which was how you divided the money equally between three people. When you understand the concept of sharing, you will know how to divide.

A Neat Math Trick...

Have a friend write 2 numbers from 1-20 on the first 2 lines of 10 on a page. On the next 8 lines, have your friend add the 2 lines above. Line 3 will be the sum of 1&2, to line 10, the sum of 8&9. Have her total the whole list, but beat her to the answer by multiplying line 7 by 11.