Simple Picture Division Worksheets

How to Use Images to Teach Division - The use of images and pictorial representation while solving sums involving mathematical operations is a creative, unique, and effective way of teaching how to solve such sums. Many institutes teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through pictorial representation, and the results are pretty effective. The operation of division is perceived as the most difficult mathematical operation to learn by many students. It is found that the use of images has been essential in decreasing this level of difficulty, and it also makes divisional sums more fun to solve. In division, the use of images can include the representation of a real-life example of division. For example, if someone bakes a cake and they want to distribute that cake equally among their four friends. The idea behind that becomes simple. The baker must cut the cake into four equal slices. This will convey the technique of how can a single item be divided into four equal pieces or what is the answer of four divided by one.

Half Logic

Math teacher: "Johnny, can you tell me how many zeroes are written in one million?
Johnny: "There are six zeroes, ma'am."
Teacher: "Very good, how many zeroes are written in a half million?"
Johnny; "Three, ma'am."

Division Symbol History

The symbol used as a division sign is called an obelus and it was first used as such by Johann Rahn in 1659. When his work Teutsche Algebra was translated into English, the symbol usage was retained. Prior to this, the obelus was used as a minus sign.