Single Digit Long Division Worksheets

What Is Single Digit Long Division? When you are dividing, you are mainly concerned with the number that you are diving with. This number by which you divide is known as the divisor. In long division, this divisor should be your focus. Where it is easier and simple to work with the single-digit divisor, a long divisor becomes quite a challenge. Here we have explained how to work single digit, long division. Suppose you are asked to divide 860 by number 5. Division is different from other mathematical operations, as it starts from left to right. In division, you will start with the hundredth place rather than a unit place. First, you will divide 8 by 5; you will get 1 as an answer. We will write 5 below 8. Next, we will subtract 5 from 8 and copy down the next number as it is. We will 36 as the new number to divide by 5. Now, you need to ask how many times 5 goes into 36. You will get 7 as an answer. Write 7 next to 1 and 35 below the number 36. Subtracting 35 from 36, you get 1. Copy the next number, that is 0 and write it next to 1. Now, you need to figure out how many times 5 make 10. You will get 2 as the answer. Write 2 next to 17. Your quotient is 172, and you have no number remaining, so your remainder is 0.

Coffee Math

Teacher: Divide 14 sugar cubes into 3 cups of coffee so that each one has an odd number of cubes.
Student: I'll put 1 each in 2 cups and 12 in the third.
Teacher: But 12 isn't an odd number.
Student: It sure is an odd number to put in one cup of coffee!