Double Digit Long Division Worksheets

Tips for Long Division Long division is part of the basic arithmetic concepts and is learned by the students in the early academic years. The method involves solving and finding the remainder for problems with at least two digits. Division is a complicated method and is difficult to understand during the initial stages. Therefore, let us discuss a few steps which we can use to solve long division easily. Pick out a piece of paper, write the dividend (number to be divided), below the division symbol and divisor on the left of outside. Let's take an example, 5)(65) ̅ Now, you have to divide the first digit by the divisor with a number which does not give an answer that exceeds the original number. In other words, you need find a number less than 6 which is a multiple of 5, i.e. 5. Now, you can write the remainder if there is one and move on to the next number. In the example, the next number is 5 and along with the remainder 1, it becomes 15. Now, we divide 15 by 5.

Dracula in Math

The steps for doing long division are Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and Bring down and in order to remember the steps, there are a few mnemonics to keep them easy:
Dad, Mother, Sister, Brother
Dracula Must Suck Blood