Estimate Length and Weight (Metric) Worksheets

What Are Common Metric Units of Length and Weight? The United States uses both the metric system and U.S customary measurement system in its measurements, especially in medical, industrial, scientific, and technical fields. While in other countries across the world, the metric system is the primary system of measurements. So, if you travel around the globe, you will see many different units used for a particular metric. These different units are also part of the metric system. But a few of them are widely known in every metric system of measurement. Here we list the common units used for length and weight that are used in different countries, just to give you knowledge about what are the most commonly known units used. For length: Meter, Centimeter, Inches, Millimeter, Foot, Decimeter, Furlong. And if the length is considered as a distance of something, then it can be denoted by Kilometer. For weight: Gram, Milligram.

Scary Facts

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