Estimating Quotients Worksheets

How to Estimate the Outcome of Division - The division is usually thought of being the most difficult of the four basic mathematical operations. It is pretty easy to learn how to add, subtract, or even multiply. But the division is a bit more of technical operation. We need to identify first that in what number of sectors the dividend should be divided. The dividend is the number that is to be divided while the divisor is one that divides. Then comes the part of thinking whether the dividend will be evenly divided, and the answer will be a whole number or not. But before doing all of this, the answer to a division sum can also be estimated. It is pretty easy to estimate the answer to a division sum, especially one involving a larger number of digits. All you have to do is write both the dividend and the divisor as a fraction and make the dividend the numerator and the divisor as the denominator. Then divide each digit of the dividend by its corresponding digit in the divisor section. This way, you can have a really quick estimated answer to your sum. This is a quicker method of solving a division sum and getting an approximately accurate answer.

What's In Tap Water?

There are 104 chemical elements found in the entire universe. How many of those same chemical elements can you find in the tap water in the state of New Jersey? Approximately 98! Makes you think twice before turning on the tap now doesn't it?