Estimating Sums and Differences (Decimals) Worksheets

How to Estimate Operations with Decimals - Things are really easy in math unless fractions and decimals come into play. It is widely observed that many students find difficulty in solving sums that involve decimals. Decimals can be a bit confusing at times, especially when we are trying to solve sums involving numbers with multiple decimal places. In such a situation, things become a lot messier, and it is really difficult to keep track of your progression. Finding the answer to the problem involving a mathematical operation and two or more decimal numbers can be tough at first, but constant practice can make it easier. However, doing these sums in your head and trying to get an estimate can be tough, and this won’t get much easier even if you do the mental math a lot. An easy way of getting an estimate of operation with decimals is to break the number into its decimal and integral part. Try to solve the integral part and the decimal part separately and then combine both the answers to come up with the final answers. This is the way of getting an estimate of operations with decimals.

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