Estimating the Half Way Point Worksheets

What Does the Halfway Mark Mean? There are usually two main categories in which the number system is divided: whole numbers and natural numbers. Natural numbers are numbers starting from one and extended to an infinite series. In whole numbers, there is just an addition of zero before one. Then comes the third category of integers in which negative numbers are also considered. But the problem with these three number systems is that they do not tell us what lies in the middle of these numbers. To find what lies in the middle of these numbers, we take the help of decimals. If some values lie between two numbers, then there must be a middle value as well. The middle value or the midpoint between two numbers is known as the halfway mark. For example, 1.5 lies exactly in the middle of the values 1 and 2. Similarly, 4.5 lies exactly in the middle of numbers 4 and 5. Halfway marks are either represented by fractions or decimal numbers.


Estimates are guesses that are an attempt to come close to the right answer. They can be higher or lower than the actual amount and are not meant to be exact. They are rough calculations made to give a preliminary answer to a problem.