Estimate on a Number Line Worksheets

What is a Numbers Line, and How Does it Help in Estimation? The number system is represented in many ways, but the most common method of representing the whole number system is the use of a number line. A number line is an imaginary line on which all the numbers, beginning from zero and extending to either side of point zero to positive and negative infinity, are written. The right side of the point zero on a number line represents the positive numbers, whereas the left side of it represents the negative numbers. Zero, of course, has no sign. There are many uses of a number line, for example, marking a solution set of the value range of a variable in an equation. One of its early uses is that number lines are used to make estimates of elementary mathematical operations. For instance, on the number line, we can easily see the sum or difference between two numbers, and quickly, just by looking at it, we can give an estimate of the answer.

Rows and Columns

For estimating items that are in a specific order or are in rows, such as books, ceiling lights, bricks or blocks, simply count the number of items in one row and multiply that number by the number of rows.