Estimating Weight and Volume Worksheets

What are the Most Common Units of Weight and Volume? The weight of an object is related to gravitational or reaction force acting on it. the SI unit for weight is Newtons which is denoted by N. The most common units of weight in the United States of America are pound and ounce. Pound is denoted by lb. and ounce is denoted by oz. When you go to grocery store and pick up an item, you can see its weight on its pack, which is usually in pounds or ounce. 1lb = 16oz. The three-dimensional space an object occupies is what we term as volume. It is a capacity of an object to hold a substance or space that a substance occupies. The SI unit of volume is cubic meter. The most common units of volume in the United States are cubic centimeters, liters, and gallons. 1 Liter = 1000 cubic centimeter. 1 gallon = 3785.4 cubic centimeter.

Fun in the sand:

Using different size shovels and buckets guess how many scoops will fill each size. Then estimate how many small buckets it will take to fill a larger one. Compare how much sand gets scooped with shovel vs. small bucket and so on.