Rewrite by Factoring Worksheets

How to Rewrite a Number by Factoring - Factoring is the opposite of distributing. When distributing, you multiply a series of terms by a common factor. When factoring, you seek to find what a series of terms have in common and then take it away, dividing the common factor out from each term. Think of each term as a numerator and then find the same denominator for each. By factoring out, the factor is put outside the parentheses or brackets, and all the results of the divisions are left inside. The proper way to factor expression is to write the prime factorization of each of the numbers and look for the greatest common factor. A more practical and quicker way is to look for the largest factor that you can easily recognize. Factor it out and then see if the numbers within the parentheses need to be factored again. Repeat the division until the terms within the parentheses are relatively prime.

Al and Sal

Al plays golf every 6 days and Sal plays every 4. If they both played today, when will it happen again that they play on the same day? Multiply the common factors raised to the highest power and the factors not common and get the answer 12 days.