Color Modeling Fractions Worksheets

How We Can Represent Fractions with Models - When students first begin to explore the concept of a fraction, it is quite difficult for them to accept the fact that a fraction is a value that represents less than a single unit of what we are talking about. It really helps students to be able to see this in the form of a model. The model itself will represent one whole unit of what ever we are exploring. The beautiful thing with models is that if you use a model that represents the actual item we are discussing, it doubly reinforces what you are working on and makes it a concrete focus for your students. For example, if we were exploring the fraction of gas that is left in a car, we would encourage students to draw a car and a container representing the gas tank. We definitely urge teachers to try this technique, it has a great deal of value to students these days.

Part of Salad and Pizza

A teacher of mathematics:" If you take a tomato and to cut it by 4 parts, then each lobule is one fourth part of a tomato. Now do you understand what a fraction is? "Yes, it is a part of salad!"

What looks exactly like one half of a pizza?

The other half!