Adding Mixed Numbers Worksheets

How Do you Add Mixed Numbers - As we know that mixed numbers are a set of integers, also called whole numbers, and a fraction. The fraction in the mixed number can be a proper fraction as well as an improper fraction. Also, we can convert the mixed number into an improper fraction by multiplying its denominator with the whole number or integer and then adding the numerator in the answer. When it comes to the addition of the mixed numbers, there are two ways. One of them is to make the two mixed numbers improper fraction. Then find the least common multiple of the two fractions, make the denominators common and then add both to get the final answer. Another way to add the mixed numbers is to sperate the integers on one side and the fractions on the other. After you are done doing that, you can add the integers to get the answer. Now, it’s time to add the fraction. To add the fractions, follow the same procedure you as mentioned above. Remember, however you choose to add the mixed numbers, reduce them to the lowest form to get the final answer.

The New Apprentice

A chef is breaking in a new apprentice. He's teaching her his best recipe and he says, "You take two thirds of water, one third of cream and one third of broth" The apprentice said, "But that makes four thirds!" "Well - just take a larger pot!"