Visual Fraction Worksheets

How Do You Make a Visual Fraction? In order to understand fractions, you need to represent them visually. There are multiple ways in which fractions can be represented. If you were told this lesson is going to take a quarter of an hour, then you already know we are saying 15 minutes. There is 60 min in an hour and 1/4th of an hour is 15 min. So, no matter how far you go, you will always be able to find fractions around you. Let's learn how we can represent fractions visually. The first method is a linear method. In the linear method, the numbers are shown in a line to show the fraction size. In a linear model, the length of the line is equally divided into spaced intervals. The fraction can then be shown with the help of another line, which covers the entire length. The second method is called the Area method in which the area is represented in the form of a shape commonly a circle or rectangle. The fraction is shown in the form of division, where there are numerators and denominators. Like ¾ where the numerator represents the selected portions, and the denominator represents the total number of divisions.

The Children

Two women just met and the first asked the other if she had any children. The woman said, "I have five children and half of them are male." At first confused, the first woman got it and then smiled, realizing that ALL of the children were male.