Fraction Multiplication Worksheets

How to Multiply Two Fractions - Multiplying fractions with fractions is similar to the steps taken for dividing two fractions. However, it reduces one step of reciprocating the divisor. Let us multiply two fractions with the following step-by-step procedures. Multiply the numerators from each fraction with each other, the resultant is the numerator for the answer. For instance, if we have to multiply, 23/37 × 47/53. The answer will have 23 × 47 = 1081. Multiply the denominators of each fraction by each other, then the answer will be the denominator of the resultant fraction. For instance, 37 × 53 = 1961. Simplify the resultant answer. The present answer is 1081/1961 and it cannot be simplified further.

Fraction facts:

Since fractions represent division, there is no value of a fraction with a 0 as the denominator. Multiplying fractions results in a number smaller than the multiplier or the multiplicand. Multiplying a fraction or a whole number by 0 equals 0.