Pictures, Words, and Fractions Worksheets

Tips for Matching Fractions to Pictures - Visual aid helps students understand mathematics much quicker than conventional teaching methods. In early stages of secular education, students are often given or shown fraction cards to match with their equivalent numeric value. This helps student understand the basics of fractions more efficiently. Using fraction card is a fun activity that students love as Math is often considered a dry subject. Below we discuss some of the fractions and see their equivalent matching card. The best way to use these cards is by using patterns or geometric patterns. This is extremely helpful as it not only helps them understand the basics of fractions but also comprehend concepts of geometry and different shapes. Let us look at some of the fractional values and their pictorial representation. How would you visually represent: 4/5, 12/15, 6/20, 2/3, 2/4 and 5/6. Model Fractions The colored portions indicate the value in the numerator and the white area represents the denominator.

Egg Problem

A farmer said, "My first customer said, 'I'll buy half your eggs and half an egg more'. My second and third said the same. When I was done, I sold out of eggs without having to break any."

How many eggs were sold?

7, 4 eggs to 1st, 2 to the second, 1 to the third.