Multiplying Mixed Numbers Worksheets

How to Multiply Mixed Numbers - There are two types of fractions. The first form is where the numerator is smaller than the denominator and we call this form proper fraction. Then there is a case where the numerator is greater than the denominator as we this form improper fraction. You can write improper fractions just like a proper fraction but you can also write them into mixed numbers. A mixed number looks like; C a/b. So, how do you multiply mixed numbers? The first step of this process is to convert the mixed number into an improper fraction. Multiply the denominator with the whole number and add the numerator into it. Place the final answer in the numerator and the denominator remains the same. The second step is to simplify the fractions and multiply the denominators ad numerators.

Get It Low!

You know that the problem isn't finished until the fraction is in its simplest form. Did you hear the one about the girl who took her math homework to the fitness center because she needed to reduce her fractions?