Subtracting Mixed Numbers Worksheets

How to Subtract Mixed Numbers - You may recall the definition of fixed numbers. According to its definition, a mixed number consists of an integer and a proper fraction. It can also be written as an improper fraction, in which the denominator is greater is than the numerator. Hence, a mixed number could be a set of an integer and proper fraction, and a set of improper fractions as well. For example, 3 1/5, this is the example of a mixed number having an integer and a proper fraction. While on the other hand, 17/9 is an example of a mixed number that is an improper fraction. When it comes to the subtraction of mixed numbers, it is very similar to the addition of it. In the subtraction of mixed numbers, we subtract the whole numbers together just as we do in addition to the only difference that we subtract the smaller whole number or integer from the bigger one. The bigger fractional part has to be on the top of the smaller fractional part. Now find the Least common multiple of the proper or improper fractions to make the denominators even. Now subtract the numerators. You are done with the subtraction of mixed numbers.

Fraction Operations To Remember

An equivalent fraction is necessary for adding and subtracting fractions. To build an equivalent fraction, use the multiplication property of 1. A fraction can be changed into another equivalent fraction by multiplying it by any form of 1.