Visual Fractions Worksheets

What Are Visual Fractions? Fractions are usually used to demonstrate those numbers that have a separate integral part and fractional or decimal part. The meaning of an integral part is the part of a number that is comprised of a whole, natural, or an integral number(integer). There are two types of fractions, namely 'proper fraction' and 'improper fractions' and many ways of expressing it. Improper fractions can also be expressed in terms of whole number fractions. But there is another way of expressing a fraction, and that is a visual representation of a fraction. Expressing a fraction through visuals is a unique and quite effective way of writing or rather drawing a fraction. This method is especially amazingly effective in teaching children about fractions as it creates interest and makes the entire session quite engaging. Normally, visual fractions are taught with the division of any shape into equal pieces or slices. For example, if we divide a pizza into 6 or 8 equal slices and ask for one slice, then the answer would be one out of eight, hence a fraction of that pizza.

A Little On Fractions

In a fraction, the number over the line is called the numerator and the one below the line is called the denominator. Here are some examples: X/C, B/C, and P/C. How can we tell they are all European fractions? Because the numerators are all over C's.