Intersecting Chords Worksheets

What are Chords in Circle? The chord is defined as the line segment that connects the two points on the circumference of the circle. Remember that diameter is the longest chord passing through the center of the circle and drawn across the circle. In case the lien segment doesn’t stop at the circumference of the circle and extends to infinity, then that lie won’t be a chord, it will be known as the secant. The formula for finding the chord is based on the information given to you about the circle. If you know the radius and the measure of angle at the center made by the chord, then you would use the formula: Chord length = 2 (radius) x sin (angle / 2). If you know the perpendicular distance for the center to the chord and the radius, then you will use the formula: Chord length = 2 √r2 – d2. Where d is the perpendicular destine from the chord to the center of the circle.

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