Central and Inscribed Angles and Arcs in Circles Worksheets

What Are Central and Inscribed Angles and Arcs in Circles? The circle is the most common and interesting of all shapes. With no edges and vertices, and no end or starting point, the circle has some very interesting features. In fact, it is said that there is nothing such as a straight line, and straight lines are called linear curves and are bound to bend at some time, forming a circular arch. Some of the concepts related to a circle are central angles, inscribed angles, and arcs. Let us find out more about these concepts. A central angle in a circle is meant by an angle subtended at the middle of the circle. Making the center of the circle the starting point, we extend to lines in separate directions that meet the circumference, and the angle that those lines make between them is called the central angle of the circle. The distance that is covered on the circumference by the central angle is called an arc. An inscribed angle is an angle that is subtended at any point on the circumference of a circle and creates an arc on the opposite end.

Desert Island

Mathematician and an engineer are on desert island. They find two palm trees with one coconut each. The engineer climbs up one tree, gets the coconut, eats. The mathematician climbs up the other tree, gets the coconut, climbs the other tree and puts it there. "Now we've reduced it to a problem we know how to solve."