Area of Polygons and Circles Worksheets

How to Find the Area of Polygons - Polygons are figures that have at least three sides, which are straight lines connected, making three vertices and three internal angles. But usually, a polygon is a term associated with shapes that typically have five or more sides. Every polygon has its own nature and properties. Their measurements differ, the calculation methods of their angles differ, and of course, they differ in construction. To calculate the areas of polygons, we have a different formula for each. Finding the area of a polygon that has a lesser number of sides, such as a triangle or a square, rectangle, or a rhombus can be a bit easy. But things become difficult as we go on and keep on increasing the number of sides. There are many four-sided figures as well whose areas are a bit difficult to find, like a kite or a parallelogram or a trapezium. The reason behind this is their shape is not that regular. To find the area of a triangle, you multiply its base with its height and divide its product by two. For a square, since all its dimensions are equal, you just multiply any of its two sides, and for a rectangle, you multiply the shorter side by the longer side.

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