Area of Sectors and Segments Worksheets

What is the Area of Sectors and Segments of a Circle? Circles are the most common and widely used of all the shapes. They have many features that are useful in many situations; for example, a wheel was one of the first simple machines that made the heavy work of transporting heavy load for humans a lot easier. A circle has a radius which is the distance from its center to the circumference, a diameter that is double the value of the radius, its outer boundary is called the circumference. A chord is any line drawn within a circle that starts from one point on the circumference and extends to another point on the circumference. Sectors in a circle are the area occupied by two radii extended in different directions to the circumference and forming a slice of the circle. Segments, on the other hand, are areas enclosed between a part of the circumference and a chord. To find the area of a sector, you just need to multiply the square of the radius of that circle with the angle in radians subtended in the middle of the circle by that sector and divide the product by two. To find the area of a segment, you first find the area of that sector, then draw a chord in that sector, which then creates a triangle in that sector. Calculate the area of that triangle and subtract it from the area of the sector, and you will get the area of the segment.

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What is the boiling point of a right triangle? 90 Degrees