Areas and Coordinate Geometry Worksheets

How to Find Area Using a Coordinate Grid - Areas of every shape can be easily found if we have accurate measurements of their sides, and we have the formula. But what if we don’t have the exact measurements of those shapes. In such a case finding their areas can be a bit difficult. For that, we draw those shapes in the coordinate grid system. A cartesian coordinate system or a coordinate grid system is a graphical system having both x and y axes extended to positive and negative infinite values. On both the axes, values our plotted starting from zero and the one, two, three, and onwards. The gap between each value is calculated and fixed to avoid any miscalculation or faulty calculation. Drawing the shapes in a coordinate grid system eases the calculation of their areas for us. Through the coordinates, we can find the measurements of their dimensions by using the distance formula. Once we have the measurements of their dimensions, we can simply apply the formulae of their areas and get the values.

Geometry one-liner:

Why is your nose in the middle of your face? Because it is the scenter!