Building Quadrilaterals Worksheets

How to Build Quadrilaterals - It is no wonder that many times in our daily life we come across shapes or things that resemble mathematical shapes like quadrilaterals, circles, rectangles, and squares. The list is just too long to share because each and everything that we see has a certain shape. When you look around you, you will see yourself surrounded by many parallelograms. This is because every shape that has four sides involves a parallelogram. Let us learn how we can construct these parallelograms. Quadrilaterals are usually defined as polygons, that have four sides. To construct it, we need to have data; four sides, four angels, and two diagonals. And we can construct a polygon when four sides and one diagonal is known. To start with, draw a rough sketch. Now draw a line segment, say AB of the given measurement. With the first point A as center and radius that is given for the first diagonal, draw an arc. Then with B as center, and radius given for the diagonal from point B, draw another arc that cuts the previous arc. Now join B to C (the new point). Again, taking A as center and radius for the other diagonal from A, draw another. Now taking C as center, and radius measured for the new diagonal, draw another arc that cuts the previous arc at the new point D. Join all the points to build a quadrilateral.

A Play On Math Words

What do you have to know to get straight A's in geometry?

All the angles.