Circle Equations and Graphs Worksheets

You already know what a circle is. It is a shape easy to make and the distance between the center of a circle and its edges at all points is the same. Based on this idea the circle equation is formed. A circle equation is: x2 + y2 = radius2 The radius of a circle is always the same and if it isn’t, then it is not a circle. When you draw a circle on a graph paper, you first assume a point which is at a particular distance from the center. Let's consider the points are (0, 5). Hence, the value of the radius according to x2 + y2 = radius2 will be 0 + 25 = 25. Based on these values we can make other prediction regarding what values will make the square of radius equal to 25.

What makes a good geometry teacher?

Someone who certainly knows all of the angles!