Circumference of a Circle Worksheets

What is the Circumference of a Circle? A circle is a round shape that has an internal angular measure of 360 degrees and is perfectly symmetric. Its boundary is called the circumference, and it can be divided into two halves by its diameter. Half of the diameter of a circle is known as the radius, and a line connecting one point on the circumference of a circle with another point on its circumference is known as a chord. There can be many chords, diameters, and radii within a circle, and each diameter is bound to divide the circle into two halves. The circumference of a circle is responsible for its round circular shape since it determines whether the shape is a circle or not. The circumference needs to be drawn symmetrically at every point, and it should be ensured that the shape being constructed covers all 360 degrees or else the shape won't remain symmetric, and it won't be called a circle. The circumference is involved in many circular calculations, most important of which is the value of 'pi', which is the ratio between the circumference and the diameter of any circle.

Alaska Math

Even though the northern tribes of Alaska use an estimation of the known constants of mathematics and consider the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle to be 3, it is not true that they call this value Eskimo Pi.