Dilations and Similarity Worksheets

How Do Dilations and Similarity Relate in Geometry? Geometry is math's most fun part! There are lots of things in geometry that are quite different from one another, but there are also definitions that relate to one another. Before figuring how dilations and similarities relate to one another, lets first understand what dilations and similarities are. Similarity is known as the property of two figures to be congruent to each other, meaning they must have equal corresponding angle measures and proportional sides. Dilation is the changing of size of an image by shrinking or stretching it using the scale factor. If the scale factor is less than one, the figure becomes smaller than the original image, and if the scale factor is greater than one, the image becomes larger than the original image. Now, how are these two related? Dilation and similarity are related because dilation creates similar figures. Through dilation, figures with proportional sides are created, alongside leaving the angle measure and the shape the same.

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