Locus Equidistant from Two Parallel Lines Worksheets

What Do Locus of Points Equidistant from 2 Parallel Lines Indicate? In the world of geometry, there are different theorems and rules that we use to simplify many complex problems. However, some theorems make our problem-solving efforts a lot easier, such as the locus of a point. A locus is the set of all points which satisfies a certain condition. Over the years, this concept has drawn fear in the hearts of many students. Nonetheless, this concept is essential for many reasons. One of the theorems involving locus is that which is equidistant from two parallel lines. In other words, the concept is fairly simple, and the locus is the point that forms a path between the two parallel lines and is parallel itself with them.

Who is He?

This mathematician pioneered the development of analytic geometry and the theory of probability. He is also known for this formula: (cos x + I sin x)n.
Answer: Abraham de Moivre