Exploring Similar Figures Worksheets

What Characteristics Do Similar Figures Share? Polygons are defined as the two-dimensional closed figures that have straight sides. Every figure or shape that has finite sides and exhibits straight is included as polygons. Circles are not categorized as polygons as they have curved sides. Similar polygons are those that share the exact same shape but of different sizes. Even if one of the two polygons is flipped or rotated, they still will be called similar polygons. At first, the flipped or rotated shape might look different, but they still share the same structure and sometimes even size. In similar polygons, the measurement of the angle remains the same. No matter how much you increase or decrease, enlarge, or shrink the polygon, the angles do not change. It one angle of a triangle measures 70 degrees, then the same angle in a similar triangle will also measure 70 degrees.

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