Exterior Angles Worksheets

What are Exterior Angles? There is no denying that the most fun part about math is definitely geometry! The different shapes, how to calculate the area, what length is, what angles they are making, are for sure one of the most interesting things that geometry has! We know what angles are, how many types of angles are, but do you know what exterior angles are? Do not worry! And do not be confused! Just like we have made things easier for you to understand, for sure, we will make you understand what exterior angles are in the easiest ways possible. Let us delve in, shall we? Exterior angles are angles that lie between any side of the shape, and a line extended from the next side. When interior and exterior angles are added, they make 180° and are known as supplementary angles since they supplement each other.

Old mathematicians never die;

they just lose some of their functions.