Find the Square Root Worksheets

How to Find a Square Root? In the era of technological advancements, most young minds believe in calculators a lot. However, when you are solving complex equations, calculators may delay the calculations time. Thus, it is essential that you learn manual techniques to solve different problems quickly. Such is the case with square root. Today, we’ll highlight a sequence of steps that you can use to find the square root of any number. Let’s take an example to find the square root of 6. First, let us take a few guesses. Since you know that the 22 = 4 and 32 = 9, then the square root is between 2 and 3. Now, let's take 2.5 and square it. 2.52 = 6.25. Now, our answer is narrowed down. Let us take 2.4 and square it. 2.42 = 5.76. The value is less than 6. Now, assume a number greater than 2.4 and less 2.5, i.e., 2.45. 2.452 = 6.0025. By rounding off, this is the closest approximation of 6. Thus, √6 ≅ 2.45.

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What did Pythagoras say when he was confronted by the square root of 2?

There has to be a rational explanation for this.